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Tank Calibration.

Tank CalibrationPetrospection have earned a reputation for innovation and attention for detail in the tank calibration industry. We are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) as a metrology laboratory to perform the calibration of industrial storage tanks by strapping, optical reference line and liquid calibration methods, including:

Petrospection Tank Calibration Vertical cylindrical tanks, including cryogenic and pressurised tanks.

Petrospection Tank Calibration Horizontal and inclined cylindrical tanks, including rail cars and isotainers.

Petrospection Tank Calibration Spheres.

Petrospection Tank Calibration Spheroids.

Petrospection Tank Calibration Barges.

Our staff provide these services all over Australia, throughout the North West Pacific and in New Zealand.


In addition to tank calibrations, Petrospection can also provide dipsticks for smaller bulk tanks in either square section aluminium or stainless steel.  Aluminium dipsticks are computer scribed and engraved, while stainless steel dipsticks are hand scribed and stamped in our workshop.  Stainless steel dip tapes can also be supplied for larger storage tanks.

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