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Free PetroCalculator Program.

PetroCalculator Example ImagePetrospection offer our PetroCalculator as a free download. It is a tool created for Windows-based computers, designed to assist with the common calculations associated with the handling and quantification of petroleum liquids.The functions of the calculator are as follows:

Volume Correction Factor
Conversion of volume at observed temperature to volume at 15°C for crude oils, generalised petroleum products and lube oils using ASTM Tables 54A, B and D and Generalised Light Products (including LPG) using DIN 51 757 Annex B and Annex G volume correction factors, with the option of rounding the correction factor to four or five decimal places. The calculation of the ASTM VCF incorporates the rounding and truncation routines defined by the ASTM Standard.

Standard Density Correction
Correction of density at observed temperature to (standard) density at 15°C for crude oils, generalised petroleum products and lube oils in accordance with ASTM Tables 53A, B and D, with the option for hydrometer correction. The calculation of the standard density incorporates the rounding and truncation routines defined by the ASTM Standard.

PetroCalculator Standard volume
Calculation between KL @ 15°C and US Barrels @ 60°F based on known API or density @ 15°C
PetroCalculator Volume
Intra-conversion of litres, cubic metres, US barrels, US gallons, imperial gallons and cubic feet.
PetroCalculator Weight
Intra-conversion of metric tons, long tons, short tons and pounds.
PetroCalculator Gravity
Intra-conversion of density @ 15°C, API and pounds per US Gallon (per ASTM tables 3, 8 and 51)
PetroCalculator Pressure
Intra-conversion of kPa, psi, Atm, bar, kgcm-2 and mm hg.
PetroCalculator Length
Intra-conversion of decimal feet, inches, millimetres, feet-inch-inch fraction (to do this, select inch fraction rounding to 1/2", 1/4", 1/8", 1/10" or 1/16")
PetroCalculator Temperature
Intra-conversion of degrees C and degrees F.
PetroCalculator Pipeline Capacity
Volume Calculation of standard schedule pipelines ranging from 3/4" to 36", with the option to overwriting standard dimensions if required.
PetroCalculator Time Calculations
Calculation of elapsed decimal hours and hours minutes between commence and completion dates and times. Back calculation of commence date/time or completion date/time from elapsed time is also available. Also reports decimal days.
PetroCalculator Features drop down calendars.
PetroCalculator Pipeline Flow and Pressure Calculations
Calculations of pipeline flow rate (kl/hr and metres per second) from either kPa or liquid head (metres) input, and visa versa. The program caters for a pipeline with up to three sections of varying diameter in series and any number of parallel identical pipelines. The hydraulic horsepower is also calculated. The calculations employ the Hagen-Poiseuille, Darcy-Weisbach, Chue and Colebrooke-White equations.
PetroCalculator Maximum Flow Rate Pressure Surge Calculation
Calculation of a limited flow rate to avoid the risk of damaging pressure surge against inadvertent rapid valve closure (such as during topping off aboard ship etc), in accordance with the formular provided in the ISGOTT manual.
PetroCalculator Head Pressure Calculation
Calculation of the head pressure arising from a liquid column e.g. liquid height in a storage tank and within an inclined pipeline etc.

This program is a free tool. Feedback and suggestions are most welcome.


The PetroCalculator is designed for windows systems and may be downloaded in a choice of two configurations:

PetroCalculator Download PetroCalculator - Windows Setup Configuration (7.8 MB)
PetroCalculator Download PetroCalculator - Executable File Only Configuration (suitable for network installation - 3.6 MB)

If you are running an older version of Windows, you may require WinZip to open.zip files. A free shareware version is avaliable here.

If you are upgrading to a later version of the PetroCalculator in the Windows setup configuration , remove the previous version first.
If you have problems installing Petrocalculator in the Windows setup configuration , you can alternately download the "executable file only" version and place it into it's own directory on the root directory. You can then run PetroCalculator from that directory.
If you are upgrading the "executable file only configuration", simply overwrite the old executable file with the new file.