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Key Management.

AmSpec Australia can bring their broad experience to your business through project management or consultancy. Our team of over fifty oil and gas industry veterans are led by an management team with years of experience across all levels of the business.

Stephen Ford

Stephen Ford has over 30 years of operational and management experience in the oil and LPG/ LNG gas industries, in areas including marine (cargo) surveying, terminal and wharf operations, laboratory testing, storage tank calibration, settlement and roundness, marine hose turnaround and testing, pipeline testing, stock auditing and the development of specialised computer software. A number of management positions were held during this period; initially with a multinational inspection and certification company as Operations Manager for five divisions (including petroleum, gas and minerals) then as Business Unit Manager for the Petroleum and Gas division in Western Australia; followed by 20 years with AmSpec Australia as a co-owner/working director developing the business to its current level.

Stephen is a Technical Assessor for NATA, for tank calibration, settlement and roundness, hose testing and field pressure testing of pipelines.

Alan Gluyas

Alan Gluyas has worked in the oil industry for more than 40 years in areas from crude oil production, transportation, oil refining, refined product and chemical storage to supply. Starting his career in New Zealand in engineering maintenance, Alan soon moved from there into oil terminal operations and shipping.

After managing an oil terminal operations business in New Zealand, he moved to Australia to work with a large international inspection company as an engineer and marine surveyor. In 1994, Alan partnered with Steve Ford to form Amspec Australia (formerly AmSpec Petrospection), developing the business as a co-owner and working director.

Alan Pillinger

Coming to AmSpec Australia from a Mechanical Engineering background, with extensive managerial experience in the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical and mineral processing industries with leading Public and Private companies, Alan is our Chief Operating Officer. Over his twenty five year career he has held Executive Management roles in Engineering, Production, Construction and Maintenance areas, with responsibility for managing profit centres, budget performance and successfully converting profitable business opportunities. He now lends his operations & business management experience across a broad spectrum of industry to AmSpec Australia.