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Offshore Marine Hose Services.
Assuring hose integrity in marine environments

Hose life and hose performance are directly related to a routine inspection schedule. If you're operating a marine facility or terminal it's your responsibility to minimise risks in the transfer of oil, gas and bulk liquids. Marine hoses play a huge role in the day to day safety of these movements and as such are subject to regulatory inspection, testing and certification requirements.

As proven marine hose and hose assembly specialists, AmSpec Australia partner with the petroleum and gas industries to ensure the safe and compliant movement of oil, LNG, hydrocarbons, solvents and chemicals between vessel and terminal. As a NATA accredited third party testing and certification organisation, we can design a routine inspection and testing schedule in accordance with International guidelines, British and Australian standards.

Marine hose inspection and testing

Our hose testing services are conducted on and offshore, catering for truck, terminal and dock hoses, as well as floating and submarine offtake and loading hose projects. Working to OCIMF guidelines and Australian and international standards, we can design a personalised testing and inspection strategy to suit your unique operating environment.

We can confirm compliance with design specifications including:

Petrospection Offshore Marine Hose Services Date of manufacture.

Petrospection Offshore Marine Hose Services Temperature range.

Petrospection Offshore Marine Hose Services Pressure ratings & fittings.

Petrospection Offshore Marine Hose Services Aromatic content.

Hose change outs and installations

We conduct hose change outs and installations with zero environmental impact. We frequently fabricate custom equipment to perform challenging inspections, recertification and repairs in remote operational environments under a range of unique parameters.

From floating facilities, crude oil production terminals and offshore platforms, we can remove, disassemble, repair, recertify and replace rubber and thermoplastic hoses to support your budgets and timelines.

Hose recertification

Our periodical hose certification services ensure asset compliance and quality assurance for FPSO, crude oil production terminals and offshore rigs. Working to OCIMF guidelines we provide every individual hose with a test certificate to demonstrate compliance with visual inspection, pressure and electrical property tests, as well as vacuum and suction tests.

Our clients also receive a full project report including documentation of the assembly process, hardware specifications and drawings of the hose strings that we have built. We are the only company in Australia that has specialised equipment including fully assembled test kits and technical accreditation with NATA.

Unique project consultancy

Our industry expertise is frequently commissioned to solve unique industry problems. We can manage a single aspect of inspection or undertake management of a whole project, from planning, subcontracting marine vessels and slip way services, as well as other facilities as required.

As marine hose specialists we work closely with offshore oil producers and terminal operators in alignment with OCIMF guidelines to innovate new techniques and procedures that benefit the industry.