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Company History.

In September 2016, Petrospection became part of AmSpec Group a global independent inspection and testing company headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey. This collaboration offers our customers a completely integrated solution to meet industry leading compliance, testing and inspection requirements.

Petrospection commenced trading in 1994 in Rockingham, Western Australia. In 2006, Petrospection won the BP Western Australia Large Contractor Service to BP Award and went on to win the 2007 HSSE Assessment Award, with a 100 percent score, for Recognition of Service Excellence. BP also awarded Petrospection third party HSSE accreditation in 2007.

Over its' two decade history, Petrospection has grown to a staff of over 65 technical and operational personnel throughout Australasia. Many of these staff members have been drawn from senior operations and management positions within the oil industry.

The company has continued to expand into other technical areas of the petroleum and petrochemical industry and has built a reputation for presenting safe, innovative and efficient solutions within their approach to services including: Dipping Shore Tank

Petrospection Petroleum Terminal operations

Petrospection Tanker discharge / loading operations

Petrospection Shore Officer Training and Audits

Petrospection Provision of Shore Officers and Wharf Attendants

Petrospection Marine hose services, including testing, inspection, assembly and deployment operations

Petrospection FPSO Tanker Safety Officer and mooring services

Petrospection Petroleum stock movement and inventory audit

Petrospection Terminal and facility audit

Petrospection Cargo survey for crude oil, refined products, chemicals and food products.

Petrospection Draft survey of bulk cargos

Petrospection Technical consultants for the petroleum and chemical storage industry

Petrospection Tank calibration to ISO 7507 and other Standards

Petrospection Tank surveys to API 653 and tank roundness survey

Petrospection Field pressure testing of pipelines to AS Standard AS2885.5

Petrospection Terminal stock management software construction and development

Petrospection The company continues to acquire talented staff and grow into new areas of operation. For information on our latest projects, please see our Projects page.