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Bunkering and Fuel Transfer Services.

We are at the forefront of bunkering infrastructure design and safety. If you are producing or trading diesel fuel or lube oil, you recognise that bunkering is a high risk operation where mistakes can result in costly or even criminal penalties. From fuel oil systems to calculated quantities, the accurate and safe transfer of fuel from tanker to vessel, or pipeline to vessel is a huge responsibility that must be systematically executed.

AmSpec Australia's fuel transfer services offer unique safety benefits, transparency and technical proficiency. From large pleasure and commercial boats to naval and cargo vessels, we can refuel ships of any size and are experienced in bunkering from terminals or road tankers in boat yards, wharfs, jetties and industrial port scenarios. We also have the capability to provide fuel and lubricant transfer services, pumps, delivery hoses and bunker attendants to cater for your complete marine fuel transfer requirements.

Catering for challenging environments

Using our custom built bunded fuel trailers, we are able to cater to the challenging operating environments of the oil, gas and mining industries. We can bunker vessels of any size and have robust delivery systems to mitigate any risks associated with the handling of fuel oils and lubricated oils.

We work to proven procedures for the management and handling of bunker fuel - from its delivery to its use on board. Our processes consider your bunker checklist, as well as environmental and regulatory requirements. All of our equipment is to code and regularly tested, and certified as applicable to relevant standards.

Our stringent precaution checks include:

AmSpec Offshore Marine Hose Services Ship-to-shore sign up, including safety check list.

AmSpec Offshore Marine Hose Services Ensuring drip trays at connection points.

AmSpec Offshore Marine Hose Services Confirming emergency equipment and availability of absorbent material.

AmSpec Offshore Marine Hose Services Agreeing communication strategy and emergency stop procedures.

AmSpec Offshore Marine Hose Services Confirming available tank capacity.

AmSpec Offshore Marine Hose Services Draining of lines on completion

AmSpec Offshore Marine Hose Services Pumping and piping system checks including inspection and tightening of valve glands, flanges and couplings.

AmSpec Offshore Marine Hose Services Checking vessel moorings.

MARPOL compliant equipment and sampling methods

We understand how the industry is regulated - from the properties of fuel oil, to how it is produced, refined and tested, as well as the specifications and quality standards it must adhere to. We support the prevention of pollution from ships caused by operational or accidental causes, operating under the technical sampling requirements of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. As per the guidelines our equipment and sampling methods are certified to support the Bunker Delivery Note for determination of compliance with Annex V1 of MARPOL.

In addition to our compliance procedures, we have robust internal systems, which are operated by experienced bunker fitters to minimize any risk of spillage or pollution. We are the interface between tankers and vessels and can assist in finding unique bunkering solutions for any environment and situation.

Specialised fuel receipt, storage and distribution services

Adding capacity to our bunkering services is our specialised fuel receipt, storage and distribution services for terminal operations. We currently hold the contract at Chevron's Barrow Island to unload fuel barges, and supervise the storage and distribution of fuel throughout the island.

If you have a unique fuel requirement, we can assemble a dedicated team, a fleet of custom built vehicles and implement robust systems that recognise the stringent environmental and HSE factors that exist within an A class environment.